Engineering Solution

Starting from Concept Discovery, Design Analysis, Design Optimization and Prototype, Tooling design and Manufacturing, Mass production and Quality Inspection till Delivery and Customer Feedback.

HON HAMN provides total solution with Professional Experience and Advanced Engineering.


Mold & Die

HON HAMN Professional engineering teams use the latest analysis software and 2D, 3D software to design and manufacturing the molds and the dies. All the software DATA can support our team to predict and study all kind of situations during the manufacturing. This will provide us good and stable quality molds and dies.



HON HAMN can produce various sorts of plastic products and the largest injection machine is 1300 tons. UL/ISO 9001 certified Plastic Injection Factory.



Based on customer needs, HON HAMN can provide serial of UL certified foam gasket material and different types of processing such as sheet, tube, roll, lamination, adhesive, and die cutting.

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